It's time to think about spring gardens...

January to do list:

Clean up any old debris in gardens

Add Mulch to the Garden raised bed and to the big row garden...."Big Blue" will be making trips to the horse stables for manure...

Dream of all the plants to add to the garden this year...start looking for seed sorces...

Move the green house so we can get some early plants started....   

Put some fruit trees and more grape vines in...  

Decide...where am I going to put the pumpkin patch?????            


  February to do list:

Check over January list... Finalize that spring planting list and make sure seeds are ordered or...that I'm going to get them from the feed supply store.

Check over irrigation systems and make plans for garden...

Keep bringing that mulch in...

Get the English peas and potatoes in the ground...add early greens....kale....spinach.... 


      This is our home.    Ginger does a beautiful job with the flowers and gardens. (Really she knows how to grow really good weeds!)


This is the small garden.   Ginger works hard planting all the different veggies for us.    These beds have greenbeans and potatoes...and a few zinnias too!                                     



This is the lettuce and broccolli that Ginger planted.  It is so good to walk into the garden and just pinch off a bite....


Here are the tomato plants.  Can't wait for the fresh tomatoes this year. The big leafy plants are horseradish plants.



 Ginger's zuchini plants look so good.


 Here is the big garden.  The corn is jumping up quickly. Peas and butter peas are doing well too.


This is our goldfish pond...we are still working on the waterfall.


Can you find Miss Scarlett in this picture?




Roses are beginning to cover the trellis entering the vegetable garden.


Hey Peggy why aren't you in the goat pen...stop eating my roses!  Another trellis in progress... the purple irises are blooming.


Mexican Sunflowers brighten the yard.


pic added 05/16/08


Poor Ginger was weeding the beds and her glasses got all tangled in her hair!

pic added 05/16/08


Ginger hard at work weeding the beds.


I found a baby tomato!


Can you find the baby?  Soon we'll have fresh ripe tomatoes....


The broccolli is ready to pick...want a bite?....


I'll pick it all and eat it up!  YUM! YUM!  I even like the broccolli flowers!


The Calliflower is almost readyy too!


The butter pea and okra are growing...


The corn is growin'


The green beans are growing...


The squach are growing.....zuchini and yellow crooknecks...


 pics added 6/01/08

Blackberries are ripe for picking...get a really juicy black one...some are a little sour!


Laren checks on the baby tomatoes...still growing...




The new potatoes are ready to scratch out of the ground...


Baby green beans... soon they will be ready to pick....


A baby pumpkin!


Lauren is looking for the babies....

posted 6/01/08


Baby squash...We can't wait to fry some up!



Lindi and of our new mousers!...Catfishing is such fun!