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Nan and Nellie May 2, 2008    




Little Red and Peaches May 2008


Little Red on the tub...April 2007...Sandy Pig in the back ground...little goats loved to jump on her back...never could get a picture of it though.



Sweet Stuff and Lover Boy...born Feb.2008

May 2008


This is Chris ...He and Carole were twins born to Nan December 2006.  He was a super sweet kid...and had the softest coat.  Nan was lamanch and daddy Ned...kiko...we sold him June 07.

Who is in the bath tub???

It's Buster Billy


Our first babies...billies...2004


Too Many Billies...goats for sale...2005

 pic added 5/16/08

Richie is building us a goat hut...we can feed them from inside of the hut...when we finish the roof they can eat on rainy days better...only one problem.... the little babies want to hide under the hut now!


This is Big Ned... We sold him Summer get a new bloodline...since we kept a lot of the does born this year to build our herd.   Ol' Ned loved to jump fences...He could jump 6-8 feet from a standing leap....He's a Kiko.

You never get too old to play in a tub!  May 2008




 Billy the Kid    born to Autumn in Jan '08    Orphaned and bottle fed.   (spoiled rotten)

 April waiting for her babies

 April and Petey  born Spring of '07


May 2006 Maybelle is born... little Jan looks on as Ginger plays with the new kid...we sold Maybelle spring of 07.  Billy (one of our brush buck's is in the background.

pic added 05/16/08 

April had this little Billy 05/16/08. 

pic added 05/16/08

Hey what's for dinner!

pic added 05/16/08 

April (momma) checking out her little Billy.   Get down from there!  You were just born this morning!

 pic added 5/16/08

We had seven new babies...Ginger thinks she needs to hold them all...but that's a lap full!

 pic added 5/16/08

DeeCee and Buck out front...Gin has Mable,Nan, Nellie, and Peaches in her lap...

 pic added 05/16/08

Little Mable was not doing well so Richie took her to work with him.  The girls all tried to feed her and make her last day a good one.  Sometimes a mom will not feed a little goat because she somehow knows something is wrong.  Her brother, Buck is doing well but we lost Mable on May 15th.

 pic added 05/16/08

Shelby helps take care of Mable....

 pic added 05/16/08

Lauren helps take care of Mable....

 pic added 05/16/08

Wendy helps take care of Mable...



 pic added 05/16/08

Lynn helps take care of little Mable....

 pic added 05/16/08

Sorry  you aren't doing well little one....

 pic added 05/08

This is Big Billy...he was our first brush billy goat...2004

This is Big NED...He loved to jump fences...he could jump 6-8 feet up from a standing position...he was a kiko... We kept him until summer of 07...when we traded him to add to our blood lines...



Richie holds Maybelle...spring of 06


Kids at play on the little goat's playground spools.



Auggie looks on...who's on the spools today?

May 2008



Little Jazz plays with the kids....


Scratch my neck...that feels good!

pic added 05/27/08


Buster Billy is watching over the herd as all the new little spring babies are arriving.

We lost Buster May 08  to kidney stones....

 pic added 05/27/08

Buster is a half Kiko/ half Boer mix.  We have boer, kiko, lamancha, and brush goats on our farm.  We are moving to more of a kiko/boer herd...with a few Lamancha does mixed in...they make good mamas....

 pic added 6/01

Lauren plays with Socks...April's little billy and our new kitten Boots...  Maybe they'll be good friends...socks and boots....???