We had a call to remove a swarm of honey bees from a screech owl box...luckily they just let us take the box and it was an easy removal...seemed to be really peaceful bees too.  8/2009


  We had a call to remove some honey bees.  So we ventured over into Alabama to an old hunting camper deep in the woods where the honey bees had made their home.  Even though we tried to capture the bees, we could not locate the queen, and many of the bees left the hive overnight instead of going on into it.  We didn't have the right kind of vacuum to help in the capture, but it was a learning experience for us.  Here are some pictures from our beeusy weekend of bee removal.  We did get a little honey from the experience, and the camper has had the hive removed.

We also moved the turkeys to a bigger pen and planted greens this weekend too...so there are also a couple of pictures from those events too.


 Checking on the bees!


 There sure are a bunch of those critters!


ouch!   That one didn't like me!