Gotta fix that barn for that ole horse.   


Here's Ginger's pretty boy......   Ain't Zanzibar a beauty!



Brrrrr!  It is cold in the winter...but do I haveta wear my jacket???



  Watcha looking at?  Zan is a ten year old paint...who loves his food...and to roll in the mud every chance he gets.



 "Hey,  Put that camera down and bring me my dinner." says Savannah.  Savannah is a 10 year old paint/arabian.


Jessie says "yeah hurry up and bring that dinner!"  Jessie is our newest addition to our horses.  He's seven years old and a quarter horse....he's a big horse...




 Yum Yum   says Fancy Pants.  Fancy is a Tennessee Walker approx 17 yrs old.


Fancy likes long walks in the woods and quiet moonlight strolls with Zan, Jessie, and Savannah.  They all love to run in the pasture.





Cousins on a Saturday afternoon ride....Lindi and Lauren take Fancy for a little spin....


Lindi and Dad get Fancy ready to ride....