What's for sale at Pate Farms?

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  Guineas for Sale

Great Watch Birds

Eat ticks and other insects

We have several different colors.

$8.00 each

none avalialable at present

for more information about guineas



Roosters for Sale

(None at this time)

*we do not butcher them for you.

They love to crow!

Great to eat!


 Goats For Sale  

Updated Deceber 2013   

None at present available for sale...

Check back in March 2014


Papa Land has some nice fat billies for sale too... if we don't have what you want...he might be able to fix you up...we can make the connection for you...  Papa just had about 12 babies Fall 2013...








We have 3 young ones  6 months old... for sale

(Still available Dec. 2013)


  Fresh Eggs For Sale

Rainbow eggs...brown, white, and green...


$2.00 a dozen


The Hens are not laying....They are taking the season off...lol


Fresh Vegetables for Sale

   We will plant lettuce and peas in Feb. 2014

Honey for Sale                                       

We have a very limited amount of honey for sale.

Currently SOLD OUT

small honey bear . $5.00 sold out


1lb.size    $10.00

The bees make it from the local flowers.  It would be considered wildflower honey.

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeeper...check out